His Assumptions are my downfall

It’s crazy how someone just crawls under your skin and calls it home,

Assuming that you will accept their presence to camp near yours.

How they find a way to fit in and making you uncomfortably comfortable,

Assuming that you will get used to this state and not shake them off.

I hate how is seems like he has given my words meaning and shone some light on the reason I write.

When every word that leaves my head is fully loaded with thoughts of him.

Assuming he has me figured out and uses the only language I understand, leading my heart over unstable stepping stones.

I attack him, using the very words he gives life to but he finds this inviting, calming and even strengthening.

I have fallen prey to his silly assumptions, proven them right with his every attempt to woo me.

So I give up the fight and busk in his affection, I stretch out and enjoy the attention.

He says it’s me… and it’s always been me.

I fail to see how but these words do beguile me.

I fail to understand how the less I do, the more he feels.

Now here I sit perfectly still, assuming that this is just a phase and it will pass.


Responding to The Daily Post, daily prompt.

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